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Watch It PlayedI live in a house with over 100 games to play. Reading the directions for some of them are like reading Klingon as translated by Mork, while others leave so much pertinent info out that it would seem players need to be mind readers. The game designers wrote the rules as if we were the ones they game tested it with and already know the mechanics. So, where can a person look to get help and clarification on how to play a game? Check out Watch It Played on

Watch it Played is a channel where the game master breaks down the rules of a game move by move and explains them. If there are variants or expansions to games he breaks those down as well. And, to be even more helpful, on their YouTube homepage, they are blocked together. BattleCon is explained in its basic format, followed by two variant editions; Clash and Smash, and Fight To The Finish.

A few of the other games that are covered are TimeLine, Descent, Rampage, Marvel Dice Masters, and Cutthroat Caverns. There are many more though, and they are always open to suggestions.

I am not just talking about game suggestions though. The game master encourages watchers and players to contact them with corrections on game play, special moves that players might not be aware of, and on winning strategies and tactics for the various games that have been covered.

You can find Watch It Played not only on YouTube but the following sites as well: –
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