UNCC Guild Raises $500 For Charity

Some of the The Guild helping out at the 2015 Geek Gala

NOTE:  For many years now, the UNCC Guild has been a much-appreciated part of our annual Geek Gala charity event. Made up of UNCC students and alumni, these hardworking volunteers assist with much of the “grunt work” that goes in behind the scenes to make our event such a success.  They recently held their own charity event, and I asked them to provide us with a report back on what happened.  Here it is in their own words. Kudos to you, our beloved Guildies!  

The Guild’s Game Day is proof that when nerds and geeks put their hearts into something, amazing things can happen. On Sunday, April 2nd, The Guild of UNC Charlotte hosted a charity event for The Relatives, a temporary youth home. With the help of Leon Fortner from Get Some Games, Kevin Colwell from E-Sports of UNC Charlotte, and all the devoted guildies, they raised around $500 for The Relatives.

Game Day is a charity event that for several semesters now, in the Guild’s own words, has been lacking. It tended to be a group of Guild members who would hang out as if it was any other Friday. In Fall 2016, it was decided by the secretary of Guild, Sarah Bednarz, to amp it up and make it more than just some friends hanging out. With the help of Amy Hewit and Carlos Vargas, they turned board game night into something that resembles a one day convention! There were one-shot RPGs, tournaments, a silent auction, arcade, board game library, and Get Some Games as a vendor.

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