Social Justice Warriors? More like Social Justice Bards!

Members of the Social Justice Bards at the 2017 Geek Gala! From left to right, Ravens From Snow, Cacophonie of Percussive Event, Jonathan Staub, Metricula, Richard McLane

Who are the Social Justice Bards?

The Social Justice Bards are a collective of nerd musicians and storytellers (and even a geek life coach!) who don’t shy away from speaking their minds with their art. The Bards have a heavy focus on livestream and video content including concerts, travelogues full of mythology, and even talk shows!

Founded in late 2017, the name “Social Justice Bards” comes from a meme playing on the term “social justice warrior” and other popular Dungeons & Dragons classes like “social justice barbarian,” “social justice thief,” and yes, bards! What started as a joke among friends who featured feminism, politics, racial and economic justice, and QUILTBAG (of holding, get it?) issues in their songwriting or performances is growing into a collective of artists supporting each other and trying to make the world a less hostile place for the other weirdos like them!

With members scattered across the continent (and the world, thanks to the magic of the internet), the Bards hope if you stumble across one of them and like what they do, you can visit the web directory  to find more in the same vein. Some of our current projects revolve heavily around Twitch, a livestreaming service that features video game commentary, visual art, cosplay construction, live music, and more! Members also appear at conventions across the US and especially the Southeast.

Giving Back to the Community

Want to check out some Social Justice Bards live from the comfort of your own living room or office? Every Monday in May, there will be constant, back-to-back performances by all sorts of musicians on Twitch–including some members of the Bards–all performing under the Saving Music Live banner as part of a Fundraiser for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation for music in schools. The event is volunteer-run by members of the Twitch Music Community.

As a bonus for donation to the live fundraiser, over 30 musicians (including past and future Geek Gala guests Metricula and David Tyberg of the Extraordinary Contraptions) collaborated on a unique “song-swap” album, where participants covered and recorded each other’s original songs. The album, Streamer Song Swap Vol. II, will be available exclusively to donators during the month of May and then made free to the public at the beginning of June. You can stream or download Vol. I for free! It includes songs by Bard regulars Metricula and DomDude64!

The fundraiser starts May 7th, at 9am ET with all the information you need online at Saving Music Live. You can view the schedule on the website, but Metricula and Ka_Klick (Bryan Baker) are performing at 9am and 11am ET on May 7th and David Tyberg at 9am on May 14th. If you’ve never done Twitch, now is a great time to check it out, hear some tunes, and support a great cause!

In the mean time, go to to find some nerdy music for your next campaign to smash the patriarchy!

About Madison Metricula 1 Article
Metricula is a filker, cabaret performer, and sometimes-clown. She was fired from being a summer camp counselor for at-risk teens because she kept mixing up "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with "Good Ship Venus" during campfire sing-a-longs. Undeterred, Metricula still books birthday parties for your age 18+ little ones.

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