September 20th, 2013 — Coming this Weekend

Theater Thursdays  Hello again, my fellow geeks. As we come to the 3rd week of the month, things are beginning to pick up just a bit in the release schedule. We have two major releases and one major re-release that will carry us to the last week of the month.


PRISONERS   (R   153 Minutes)Prisoners

The trailer for this film has been playing for a couple of months now and after seeing it several dozen times I had begun to think I knew what the film would be. It seemed like a reasonably smart and well put together thriller and a decent enough time passer. Then an interesting thing happened. It started to play at film festivals. First at Telluride and then at the Toronto International Film Festival and the reactions have been amazing.

What had seemed like a decent time passer was being called Oscar Calibre and special attention was being given to Hugh Jackman as a possible Best Actor nominee. All the sudden my need to see this film has ratcheted up several notches.

Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard star as fathers and husbands who find that their children have disappeared and are thought to have been kidnapped. All signs point to a sleazy Paul Dano, whose RV was parked on their street for several hours on the day of the kidnapping. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a detective in charge of the case.

The film was directed by French-Canadian Denis Villeneuve, who also happens to share my birthday of October 3rd, so I have to imagine he is a brilliant guy. (that may just be bias)

I have a pretty full work schedule this weekend, but I hope to see this and have a review for you sometime next week.



BATTLE OF THE YEAR    (PG-13  109 Minutes)Battle of the year

Okay. This is a film I’ve seen the trailer for since Spring and it’s finally being released. I will confess that this film is just about as far outside my wheel house as it gets. There were two things that caught my attention about this. First, it stars Chris Brown. I had only a vague notion who that was until the night be beat his girlfriend Rihanna half to death. Needless to say, my opinion of him started low and dropped into the bowels of hell after that. Well, here he is starring in a film I had little interest in. Now my interest is even lower.

The second thing that caught my attention was that is also stars Josh Holloway. As a fan of LOST from the first episode to the last, I have been a fan of Josh’s for a while. His portrayal of Sawyer was layered and complicated and he brought a humanity to the character that I don’t believe was on the page from the beginning.

Outside of a brief but powerful turn in Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol we haven’t seen much of him since the show ended and even though this isn’t my kind of film, I am happy to see someone I consider a very good actor getting a leading role in a film that will probably do some decent numbers this weekend.

As for the film itself, I think it concerns itself with some kind of dance competition. I don’t plan on watching the film but I can safely say who the winners will be.

Let me say it here though: Josh Holloway as Roland in The Dark Tower. Perfect casting.

As an added bonus, the film is in 3D.



Finally this week we have an IMAX exclusive.

THE WIZARD OF OZ: AN IMAX 3D EXPERIENCE          (G   103 Minutes)

For one week only, the 1939 masterpiece is getting an exclusive Imax release in 3D.wizard-of-oz-imax3d-poster-660

There is nothing I can say about this wonderful film that hasn’t already been said by better writers over the last Century. I will give you this light warning though just to save you any irritation. Although the film has been formatted for Imax, it has not been scaled up.

What does that mean? In 1939 there was really only one aspect ratio: 1:37:1. That’s why all the very old films are boxy and square. So to preserve the integrity of the film, they have formatted the film for Imax as well as converting it to 3D, and the film will be very large and cover the Imax screen from top to bottom, but it will not cover it from side to side. It will retain the somewhat box like aspect ratio of the original print.

It will still look glorious in Imax but just keep in mind that the film was made in 1939 and there is only so much that can be done to the print without changing the fundamental look.


Well that just about does it for this week. Join me next week as we journey with an unlucky roadie through a nightmare dreamscape and that’s before he even leaves the stadium where Metallica is shattering ear drums in Imax 3D.

Until next time, Keep the Projector Threaded.


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