September 13th, 2013 — Coming this Weekend

Theater Thursdays Hello again my fellow geeks.

This week brings us two new wide releases, one timed perfectly for the Friday the 13th calendar date and another that will probably fall victim to it.


THE FAMILY  (R  110 Minutes)z1

This is one of those films that doesn’t look good based on the trailer. Besides Robert DeNiro (who used to say no sometimes) and Michelle Pfeiffer (who used to say yes sometimes) this film looks pretty generic. Generic is a killer when it comes to movies, Generic says that everyone involved is just following an uninspiring script to collect a paycheck.

Then you look at the writer and director of this generic looking Mob comedy and your point of view might begin to shift just a tad. The co-writer and director is non other than Luc Besson. In the last decade he is best known as a super producer who has brought the world dubious treasures like Taken and Taken 2 and all of the Transporter films as well as the very good Jet Li film, Unleashed.

But if you go back a little further you will find that he is also the writer and director of several of the seminal action films of the last 25 years, among them the original French version of La Femme Nikita (1990) Leon:The Professional (1994) and the vastly underrated Bruce Willis science fiction film The 5th Element (1997).

When you take into account the fact that Luc Besson is actually behind the camera on this film, it begins to seem a little less generic.

Don’t get me wrong, this film could still be bad but no matter what, it will be a delight to actually watch. Luc Besson doesn’t know how to shoot a boring film visually. He comes at action differently than most American directors (he is French) and as such, he always shows us something that we’re not used to seeing in a fight scene.

The trailers make the story seem pretty clear: a Mob family turns state witness and goes into protective custody under Tommy Lee Jones and winds up in a small french village where they begin to wreak havoc. I’m sure that is the spine of the story but I am almost convinced that with Besson behind the camera, there is something else going on that the trailers are not even hinting at.

I can’t wait to find out. It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down in a theater knowing I was about to see a Luc Besson film.




INSIDIOUS chapter 2    (PG-13   105 Minutes)z2

It feels like this film already came out this year. Oh wait, it kind of did. Not quite two-months ago, director James Wan released The Conjuring in theaters and it proved to be a massive hit with a sequel already in the works.

Now almost as if by magic, another James Wan film hits theaters in time for the dubious almost holiday of Friday the 13th.

You know from the trailers and your fondness (or lack thereof) of the original film if you are the target for this jump scare bonanza, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time going into details about the plot which seems to be a rehash of the last films plot.

James Wan is a good shooter though and I am curious to see what he can do when he isn’t having to make cats jump out of closets and hit discordant notes on a piano.

In under a year we will know since James Wan is gearing up to direct the seventh and supposedly last Fast and the Furious film, which comes out next summer.

If this is your cup of tea, then drink up. I’ll be over here not watching it.


Well that just about does it for this week, but next week brings us the final weekend of drought before the sweet rains of fall films finally begin.

Until next time, Keep the Projector Threaded.


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