Your New Website Update

We have a website?” you say.

Why yes!  Yes we do!  And after several years of working with it off and on, we are happy to announce a new and exciting update:  5-day a week blog posting.

That’s right – each day we will be posting new and exciting articles about things you want and need to know.

“Like what?” you say.

Why I’m so very glad you asked! Here – let me show you!

Music Mondays

A weekly look at musical performers and music that Geeks love. Some musicians that you may already know, others you may not have heard of yet.

Scheduled interviews include: Valentine Wolfe, The Blibbering Humdingers, Jonah Knight, Mikey Mason and more!

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Newsday Tuesdays

Each Tuesday, Tricia (aka Writerbug) will be keeping you posted on what books, comics/graphic novels, and DVDs are coming out this week as well as local shops or online websites where you can get your copies.

We’ll also remind you of upcoming events and Geek Meets happening in the coming week.

Have a news piece you want to submit?  Send it to

Writer Wednesdays

Take a peek as local writers tell us about their latest writing projects, favorite books and authors, their thoughts on the writing, publishing, and promotion process, or people and things that have inspired them. Confirmed guest writers include: John Marshall Davis, Eden Royce, Edward McKeown, Jay Requard, Sebastian Quinn, Sabrina Luna, John Hartness, Matthew Saunders, JL Hilton, Sebastian Quinn and more.

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Theater Thursdays

Michael (aka ProjectionistGeek) will give you a rundown on what’s new at the Box Office including special events and film festivals only found here in Charlotte. Give his weekly post a gander to see what looks good, and what you might want to wait on.

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Feel Good Fridays

Each week I, Joey, (aka GiddyGeeker) will be sharing with you about some fun and fantastic people, places, and events that you should know about, including an inside look at Childrens Home Society of NC, our chosen charity for the Geek Gala.

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In addition to our schedule posting, we’ll also continue to bring you other information as we get it. In other words, we are going to work hard at keeping you in the know about all things Geeky in the Queen City.

So welcome to the relaunch – and make sure to add us to your newsfeeds!

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Joey moved to Charlotte in 2008 and loves it here! She started the Charlotte Geeks after returning from Dragon*Con and whining "But I don't want to wait 360 days to hang out with my people again!!" Self-dubbed the GiddyGeeker, her geekdoms are Doctor Who, Marvel, Boardgaming, British TV (MisFits, Orphan Black, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, etc) and she is slightly addicted to FUNKO pops. Check here out here or listen to her on the Guardians of the Geekery podcast.