Newsday Tuesday: 5 Questions/Answers about StormCon


This weekend is the first StormCon, a brand new 3-day gaming convention in Charleston, SC. Many, many moons ago (sorry guys that it took so long!) I had the opportunity to chat with StormCon founders Keith Mageau and Barry Lewis and ask them my typical 5 questions. 


1) What is StormCon? 
Storm-Con is a gaming convention created and ran by gamers with a heavy emphasis on the importance of community.

2) What is your inspiration for starting a gaming Con in Charleston?
We wanted to bring the hobby gaming community in the Charleston, tri-country, area together under one roof. The best way of doing that was to put on a multi-day convention.

3) When did you first know you were a “gamer”?
Barry: I was a freshman in high school and in-between football and soccer season I had some friends who played D&D. So I started playing too and really enjoyed it. My Dad took me to the local gaming store and bought my first D&D books for me. Years later after my Dad passed away I found my books stored in his foot locker.
Keith: In 1983 my parents bought me the D&D “Red Box”; from that day on I have been involved with gaming on some level.

4) What’s your current favorite game? What game are you excited about trying?
Barry: I really like the new edition of Descent! Much easier to play and less “clunky” mechanics. I’m looking forward to trying out Mage Wars from Arcane Wonders. 
Keith: My current favorite game is the Battle of American Revolution Series of wargames.

5) What 5 things would you need in your zombie survival kit?
Barry: A machete, canteen of water, crank portable radio, small first aid kit and some rations.
Keith: Shotgun, MREs, Canteen of Water, Rope, and First Aid Kit.

For more information on StormCon, visit their website at:

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