Music Tent at Muggles Market

Our Music Tent will feature 7 of our favorite musical artists that will play throughout the day at the Muggles Market.

New This Year! 

This intimate setting will feature 30-minute stripped down and acoustical performances by a variety of musical styles and fandoms. Some of our favorite musical performers will be performing!

Scheduled Performances

About the Musical Performers

10:00am Mikey Mason

Mikey Mason (a nationally-touring standup comedian by trade) made a splash on YouTube with the video for his song, “She Don’t Like Firefly,” and is also known for the gaming anthem “Best Game Ever.” He has recorded many full length albums of geek rock comedy, an EP of non-comedic songs inspired by Neil Gaiman’s novel “American Gods”, and hosts two weekly podcasts: Beer Powered Time Machine and All In The Reflexes. He is the Musical Guest of Honor for Geek Gala, and we are so happy he is playing at our Music Tent!


10:45am Gamebreax

National-recording artists that excel at creating cutting edge music for the entertainment industry. Their sound is a powerful blend of Hip Hop, Rock, J-Pop and Electronic Instrumentation. Their emphasis is on video games as they speak through the eyes of characters that you know and love. 


11:30am Percussive Event

Dr. Kelsey Tamayo has a multi-faceted musical career in performance, research, education, and writing and he is especially active in the new and contemporary music scenes. After years of non-stop academic pursuit, Dr. Tamayo received multiple Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Peabody Institute and completed her Doctorate in Percussion Performance from Michigan State University. She currently works in the mid-Missouri area as the percussion professor at Drury University, the percussion instructor for Rolla High School, and a member of the Springfield Drury Civic Orchestra. She and her husband, Jon, live in Waynesville, MO with their fluffy husky, Marsh, and tuxedo-cat, Bayonetta.


12:15pm Blibbering Humdingers

Neo-retro existential wizard nerd pop with a dash of do-wop, a sprinkle of steampunk, and nibble of new wave. A “sound” you ask? Genre? Pishaw! They don’t have a sound other than laughter and the sound of magic and the sound of one hand clapping because your other arm has been gnawed off by piranhas.


1:00pm Hawthorn and Holly

Hawthorn & Holly is a pop punk band that plays songs about Harry Potter. Started in 2007, these wizards hail from Charlotte, North Carolina. Leah Schroeder and Christie Mowery weave gorgeous harmonies with Eddie Mowery on guitars, while Dave Beaucar of Meriden, Connecticut slaps his amazing bass. 


1:45pm Metricula

Metricula is your favorite summer camp counselor gone geekily wrong! Sidle on up to her campfire for sing-a-longs about Zelda, Dr. Who, fighting the patriarchy, LAN parties, and more!
Check out her or the Safe, Sane, Consensual Clown Posse at or catch her live streams at!


2:30pm Something Clever

Something Clever hails from Charlotte, NC and has a prevalent element of a fist-clenching, ‘go-for-it’ attitude. Their mantra as of late has been, ‘Follow THIS.’ The reputation of their live shows has demanded quite a bit of attention and is largely responsible for the size of their rapidly growing fan base. In 2015 after the release of their EP entitled “Season of Darkness”, they rose through the region with national support slots for Escape the Fate, Sons of Texas, All That Remains and many more, including their own headlining shows. 2015 was also the debut year of “Clever Con” a comic con inspired hard rock and metal show, hosted by the band in Charlotte.

3:15pm Mikey Mason


We are excited to see hear all of these artists perform in person on Saturday, October 21st at this year’s Muggles Market

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