Let Valentine Wolfe Perform at DragonCon!

Our mission is clear – make sure that Valentine Wolfe gets to perform at DragonCon!  This longtime friend of The Charlotte Geeks and last year’s musical guest at the Geek Gala recently sent us the following request:

So the BIG announcement: We’re (sort of) performing at DragonCon 2016. Why sort of? Here’s the deal: We’re part of the Filk Track this year, as we’re pretty firmly playing music for fandom these days. They have been AMAZING to us, and agreed to let us do workshops and perform a set for you. The performance committee, however, still has ultimate say over the final performer roster. 

So what does this mean for you? If you want to learn music theory with me, or learn about grant writing with me, you’ll have your chance. Want to learn to sing with Sarah? We’re doing that, too! Want some Chamber Metal with your coffee? We have a set on Sunday morning. 

If, however, you’d like more (say, to hear us on the concourse or in one of the big ballrooms or, even hear us more than once), let the convention hear from you. We’ve still not gotten 100% word if we’re in or not, but scheduled have to be submitted and workshops have to be prepared. One way or another, though: Victorian Chamber Metal returns to DragonCon!

Email the convention here: dragoncon@dragoncon.org

Their latest video:

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