Cooking For Geeks by Jeff Potter

Part of the fun part of working on The Geek Gala is getting in all the donations from all the cool people.  It’s like my own personal Geekmas. And then the best part is that after the initial squee over everything, I get to wrap it back up and watch y’all squee when you win it in the Geeky Goody Baskets raffle 🙂

Cover of Cooking for GeeksToday’s trip to the post office yielded a big box of books from O’Reilly Media, including Jeff Potter’s Cooking for Geeks.

As his website points out, Cooking for Geeks is more of a book about cooking than it is a cookbook. The book contains explanations of the science behind cooking, interviews with researchers and chefs, experiments for the reader to try, and recipes to tie it all together.

A quick peek inside reveals that some of these interviews include a boat load of cool geeks, including Adam Savage of Mythbusters. In addition, Jeff cooks up some cool recipes and experiments, like making ice cream with Nitrogen or in an ice cream maker made out of legos.  (Maybe I’ll have to see if Legos will donate some to our Geeky Gourmet basket.)

Jeff himself is a pretty cool guy.  We had a nice email exchange a few weeks back – and he seems like someone who’d be fun to party with.  He recently did an interview on NPR, and he has his own blog

Jeff using a legos ice cream maker

Along with Jeff’s book, O’Reilly hooked us up with several other amazing works – these will all be added to our Geeky Reader Basket – the NonFiction version.  (2 Geeky Reader Baskets !?! I know some of you are exploding in your seats right now – we just have so much reading goodness!)  I’ll be posting more about them later – don’t want too much squee in one day – some of you just can’t handle the squee.

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