January 2nd, 2014 — Coming this Weekend

Theater ThursdaysHello again my fellow geeks and happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014 and another year of film news and reviews here at Charlotte Geek Central.

There isn’t a lot to talk about just yet, all the major films are open and it’s going to be a few weeks at least before we start seeing any releases in the new year. There are going to be a few new films, to be sure, but if you have been with me here for a while, you will remember that September and January are the dumping grounds for films that the studios don’t have a whole lot of faith in.

That trend holds true this year as well. Over the next few weeks we will be seeing the guys who brought us the Underworld franchise try their hands at a modern-day telling of the Frankenstein story with the ever popular twist of course. We will also see the fourth actor take on the role of Jack Ryan in yet another reboot of the Tom Clancy franchise.

This week brings us only one new release though.



This past October was the first season in four years without a new Paranormal Activity film to scare very dumb teenagers who are terrified of bleary and cheap video footage of absolutely nothing happening for 80 minutes and then a couple of jump scares and someone staring blankly into space and mumbling some nonsense about a “curse” and looking around at nothing off-screen.

Just when we thought maybe the franchise had died off, here comes a January release of the first spin-off in the series.

This is being billed as a spanish themed spin-off but based just on the trailer I’ve seen for this film, I’m not really sure how much of that it really is. It feels more like just the next chapter in the series.

I guess we’ll see. Or rather, I guess you’ll see. I could not be less interested in this if I went under hypnosis for that very reason.

I am just dreading chasing down the underage teenagers who bought tickets for this at the kiosk by mistake.



Just a few brief words about some other films playing in the area.

I haven’t spent much time talking about it here, but there are some amazing, smaller films playing here in the Charlotte area.

We have Oscar hopefuls The Dallas Buyers Club (R 117 Minutes ), Nebraska (R 105 Minutes) and Philomena (PG-13 98 Minutes) all playing at Ballantyne Village Theater, Park Terrace 6 and The Manor Twin downtown.

*Check Fandango.com for showtimes

These are smaller films that have gotten lost in the Holiday shuffle but that may be able to rise to the top a little now that everyone has seen all the big films at least once.

In the coming weeks we are also going to be getting The Coen Brothers latest masterpiece, Inside Llewyn Davis and several other indie films in the greater Charlotte Area as well. I will do my best to keep you updated on when they hit our fair city.

I will also be putting together a best of list for 2013. I hope to have that done and posted sometime before 2014 comes to an end.

Well, that just about does it for this week, but join me next week when we will see what other films Hollywood has scraped loose from the bottom of the bin here in the doldrums of Winter.

Until then, Keep the Projector Threaded.


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