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Hey Geeks!  Today is May 13, 2015 – and we’ve launched our first ever Indiegogo campaign.  We are trying to raise $3K to cover the increased cost for the new venue for the Geek Gala and we could sure use your help!

The Geek Gala is the official annual birthday party of the Charlotte Geeks.  When I started this group back in 2008, I had no one to know that it would go from 9 people in a Caribou Coffee shop on Park Road to over 2000 members on Meetup and 1200 on Facebook and even more scattered throughout the twitterverse and beyond.  That is amazing!

What is also amazing is the generosity of someone dear friends and strangers to help us with donations for our annual Geeky Goody Basket charity raffle each year.  Unfortunately, money doesn’t always flow as easily as donations.  Money is often a little harder to come by – and trust me, I honestly get that.

But, if you would do me a favor and just check out our campaign and see if any of the amazing perks that our friends and supporters have so awesomely donated – I really would appreciate it!  So please, when you have a minute – check out our Indiegogo campaign – watch me blubber a little in the video (I kept it mostly together) and share or contribute as you can.

I love you guys – I mean it.  So Say We All!  SHINY!

Here’s our Indiegogo Link!

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Joey moved to Charlotte in 2008 and loves it here! She started the Charlotte Geeks after returning from Dragon*Con and whining "But I don't want to wait 360 days to hang out with my people again!!" Self-dubbed the GiddyGeeker, her geekdoms are Doctor Who, Marvel, Boardgaming, British TV (MisFits, Orphan Black, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, etc) and she is slightly addicted to FUNKO pops. Check here out here or listen to her on the Guardians of the Geekery podcast.

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