This year, we are very excited to add our first Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) event to the Geek Gala!  Access to this event is only $5 for all Geek Gala ticket-holders, or $10 for folks who wish to register for just the LARP. (If you change your mind and decide to come to the Gala after all, we’ll deduct $5 fee from your Gala ticket price).

Sola Noctem

Survival in the future is not certain…

Sola Noctem is a Live Action, storytelling, immersive roleplay experience. Come throw magic, fall into heart-pounding combat, make friends at the edge of the unknown.


In 2080, the entire world changed…

Now, it’s 2115, and most have found some way of surviving. Some wander the wastelands, making their way off odd jobs and scavenging. Others find haven in the dead-ruled cities of once-great fallen cities.

And then there are those who live on the edge. Tenacity. Courage. Fear.


It is those qualities that make the border settlements survive, and occasionally…thrive. Serenity is one such place in the history of these towns. Nestled in what used to be  a valley between Raleigh and Charlotte, Serenity is a place of varied peoples.

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To register for the game, fill out our form below! (You will be invoiced for the registration fee)

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