The 10th Annual Geeks Got Talent! Contest

Applications Now Open!

Do you have a talent that is unique and interesting? Do you love to sing songs about Star Wars, dance with samurai swords, or make your robot tell jokes? Do you juggle rubber geese while singing the ballad of Jayne? Do you quote the elements while skipping rope? Do you want a chance to show off your talents to a group of your peers and maybe win $200 cash? Then the Geeks Got Talent! Contest is for you!

What kind of acts are you looking for?

All kinds!  Singing, Dancing, Weapons Demonstrations, Skits, Comedy routines, Acting, Juggling, Robotics & Puppetry, Re-enactments, Storytelling, etc.  If you can perform on a small stage in front of a mostly-live audience and keep a PG-13 rating – we want to hear about it!

Here are some of our past winners:



When & Where is the Geeks Got Talent! Contest?

It’s part of the Geek Gala which is on Saturday, November 3rd at Noah’s Event Venue.  The Gala main event starts at 7 PM, the contest will start around 8:30 PM.

What can I win?

Because it is our 10th year, this year our first prize is $200 Cash! There are also cool, geeky prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mentions.

How does the judging work?

Our celebrity guest judges will be scoring each act based on originality, dress/costume/character, sound/rhythm, audience interaction/participation and overall geek appeal.

Can I do…?

Unique acts are always appreciated, so be creative! A few things to keep in mind:  keep it legal, keep it safe, and keep it PG-13. (Limit your swearing and keep your privates mostly private.)

How long can my act be? How long does my act have to be?

Your act should be at least 1 minute long and no more than 5 minutes.  3 minutes? Perfect!

How many people can be in my act?

How many people you got?  All members of your act must perform on stage or pay full-price for their event ticket.  (C’mon, it’s for charity, so don’t be bogus about it.)

How big is the stage?

The stage will be about 20’w x 12’d.   There will be some musical equipment on stage, so plan for about half the depth max. If that’s an issue, let us know; we have some flexibility.

What about audio/visual/tech?

We can play a CD/DVD/USB Drive for you if it’s clearly marked.  We will also have can provide up to 3 mics and a screen.

How do I sign up?

Well, thanks for asking!  Right on this page – see the form below!

As a thank you, all performers can purchase their ticket at a discounted price of only $10 (please note, this price does not include our t-shirt – you will have to buy that separately.)   You will be sent an email with instructions how to purchase your ticket once your act has been accepted into the contest.  (Of course, since this is for charity, we don’t mind if you go ahead and pay full price 🙂 )

A Few Rules:

  1. All acts must be PG-13 friendly, safe, and legal.
  2. Contestants must show respect to all attendees, staff and other performers.
  3. The decisions of the judges and Gala staff are final and are not subject to dispute.
  4. Contestants or helpers who violate any of the rules are subject to disqualification.


(please include the names of additional performers)
(please only request for actual participants of the contest- it's for charity after all! thanks!)


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