The 6th Annual Geek Short Film Fest (GSFF) will take place October 21, 2017 as part of the Geek Gala.

We are honored to again be under the direction of Bill Mulligan.  And we are excited to now confirm that Queen City Cinephiles will serve as our special guest hosts!

This event is free to the public, although we do ask attendees to consider making a donation towards our charity, The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

The film festival will be from 12 PM – 4 PM on Saturday.

We are now open for submissions!  For more information, click the button! (you know you want to).

What kind of films do we get? Check out this cool trailer of last year’s films made by our festival director, Bill Mulligan!

These year’s award categories include the following:

  • Best Theme Film
  • Best Horror Film
  • Best Science Fiction Film
  • Best Fantasy Film
  • Best Fan Film or Animation
  • Best in Show

The top film is also shown from the main stage of the Geek Gala as well, and a $150 honorarium is awarded.

(Please note:  Films vary in ratings and some are not recommended as suitable for small children.  May contain language, violence, nudity, and other images and subject matter of a graphic nature).

 About Our Guest Hosts

The Queen City Cinephiles are a Charlotte-local independent film screening group dedicated to dazzling local film lovers with features from all over the globe!

QCC runs a monthly indie movie giveaway called #CinephileStarterPack , have a Nintendo Switch raffle contest named #CineRaffle , and express their gratitude to their supporters with #QCCCredits !

For more information about Queen City Cinephiles, click here











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