Community Connections: The Charlotte Gaymers Network!

During the time of COVID-19, our local geeks are finding creative and inclusive ways to continue our beloved communities. Today, The Charlotte Geeks would like to introduce you to one such group: The Charlotte Gaymers Network! They are an inclusive group of folks from all walks of life, here in Charlotte and surrounding areas, who are united in their passion and love for all things gaming. Group members enjoy video games, board games, and the social events that bring them together. 

I asked one of the founders, Jonathan Barrio, to tell us a bit about the group and the ideals behind it.

What made you decide to start this group? 

CGN was founded by two friends, Jonathan Barrio and Zach Smith, who are the Co-Founders of the organization. Caliph Smith and CG “Shuma” Nobles are a part of our leadership team as well. We decided to create the Charlotte Gaymers Network (CGN) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to engage and connect our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters who are gamers. We found that grouping up online for gaming sessions, playing online board games, chatting in discord, among other things, served as a much needed bridge to keep everyone together and social while remaining safe. Historically, our community has always sought out safe spaces and venues that welcome us with open arms. With everything being closed down, many of us lost the spaces where our social lives flourished. In the virtual world, we can still engage and build on those connections through friendly gaming.

What events have you sponsored so far? 

We have been focusing on holding online events for our supported games. In Elder Scrolls Online, we have held public events with our members to explore the game world and partake in activities. We have organized gaming groups that meet weekly for our other supported games such as Civilization 6, Call of Duty: Warzone, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and more. We’re also really excited about partnering with the CLT Phoenix, who are headquartered in SouthEnd. Once we can meet in person again, we’ll be hosting LGBTQ+ game nights at their state of the art building. 

What you would most like everyone to know about the group? 

The most important thing I want folks to know about our group is that we are all inclusive. Our group caters to the LGBTQ+ community, but we want and appreciate the participation of allies of our community as well. We support games on every major console, including PC, so there is something for everyone! It is my hope that folks will join up and experience some of the best gaming has to offer, with some of the nicest people in our community. We can’t wait to game with you!

What are your social media/website links? 



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