5 Questions with: Valentine Wolfe

May 6, 2013 Joey

Braxton Ballew and Sarah Black have been composing and performing music together as Valentine Wolfe since 2006. Valentine Wolfe is an electronic music group that […]


Ami Whoa/Mad Tea

November 21, 2011 cltgeeks

I first saw these guys at Fanaticon. Great show!   How hard was it to find a rock-a-billy guitar player that was in to sci-fi […]


Hay, listen! Mikey Mason

September 18, 2011 cltgeeks

Mikey Mason is 100% white trash…which is odd since he’s also 100% RPGing, Firefly watching, XBOX playing, Muppet Babies theme show singing – geek.   […]


Hay, Listen! Genghis Barbie

April 26, 2011 cltgeeks

Genghis Barbie: The leading post post-feminist feminist all-female horn experience, covering Sisqo’s Thong Song.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhx1hbNPmlI

No Picture

Hay Listen

April 20, 2011 cltgeeks

  Hiromi Uehara is among the best piano players currently alive… also she comes directly from an anime magazine.  

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