Anything exciting to watch this summer?

CROSSBONES-TV-SeriesAnything exciting to watch this summer? This is the question on the minds of many geeks now that the regular TV season is coming to an end. We already know most of the shows that have been axed from the upcoming fall line-up, and the mourning has commenced for our favorites if they are of the fallen. But what are we to watch and fawn over in the meantime? Below are the most interesting geeky picks for the beginning of the summer.

Penny Dreadful on Showtime and Rosemary’s Baby have already started for their summer runs (May 11, and yes, I missed them too) that came across as really exciting. Here are my top geeky TV picks for May and June.


May 18: Music geeks have two choices for the night. On ABC is the 2014 Billboard Music Awards Show, which I know is a draw for many just to see what everyone is wearing. On NBC is Coldplay: Ghost Stories, which, if you go by the trailer they have released, may be visually interesting as well.

LabyrinthMay 22: Labyrinth premieres on the CW. This has nothing to do with the Jim Henson movie that most of us know and love, but rather follows the story of two woman, in two different two different time periods (medieval and modern), and their quest to find the Holy Grail. This mini-series is based on a novel by Kate Mosse. It has legendary actor John Hurt, and Harry Potter star Tom Felton in its cast, so there is some hope that this miniseries is going to be good.

May 27: Heroes of Cosplay returns on Syfy at 9:00PM. Yaya Han returns, as do a few other cosplayer’s from the first season, but there are some new faces as well.  It is followed at 10:00 by The Wil Wheaton Project, which I really look forward to as he is truly a geek like the rest of us.

CROSSBONES -- "Pilot" -- Pictured: John Malkovich as Blackbeard -- (Photo by: Francisco Roman/NBC)May 30: Crossbones premieres on NBC. If yar a pirate fan and need to find some good pillaging and mayhem then this is the show for you. What makes it even more of a draw is that John Malkovich stars as Blackbeard; are really crazy and bald Blackbeard.


June 8: Theatre geeks gather for 68th Annual Tony Awards w/ Hugh Jackman. The show starts at 8:00PM

June 19: Defiance returns on Syfy at 8:00PM. This is truly one of the best sci-fi shows out there and if you missed the first season find them, catch up, and get ready to get your mind blown some more. If you are a gamer, check out the online game that is tied in with the show.

Dominion premieres on Syfy at 9:00. I am not real clear on the the premise of the show, but it seems that heaven is overrun with political issues to the point that it spills down here to earth, where a human is the unexpected savior. From what I have read and seen it looks like the movie Legion and TV The West Wing smashed together.

June 22: Falling Skies and the final season of True Blood return. Check your local listing for times.

TheMusketeer_s1thumbnail_01_web_NEWFor the Anglophiles who worship almost all things BBC, and those who love a good costume drama, there is The Musketeers premiering on BBC America at 9:00 PM.

June 30: Under the Dome comes back for another season on CBS at 10:00PM. This Stephen King blessed show is supposed to go in directions that the book never did making it even more disturbing.

Check back next week for returning and new shows that might thrill the geek in you in July and August.

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