Joey aka GiddyGeeker – Founder/Organizer

Joey is eager to point out that she does not claim to be an expert on all geekeries – she’s just happy to help organize it!  Her current geekery includes British Sci Fi (Doctor Who, MisFits, Orphan Black), Star Wars, All things Marvel, DC TV shows, board games, and is always expanding her circle of fandoms.  She’s mostly prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse, but is always willing to give new technologies a consideration for her war chest.
Although she does not shy away from being queen of the Queen City geeks – she finds it best to hide her identity via an alter ego as a mindless corporate drone.

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Matt aka StarnesLord – Assistant Organizer/Podcaster

Matt is the dubious leader of the Guardians of the Geekery (official podcast of The Charlotte Geeks) and is known to rock the mic from way back – both while at Appalachian University as well as on various stations here in Charlotte. Writer of several comics including the creation of Leather Jacket Guy, his fandoms include Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Spiderman, and the Marvel and DC Universes. To find out more, visit him at

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Carol the Cat – Writer/Podcaster

13692734_10210123087779640_2113322058190863842_nCarol is another member of Guardians of the Geekery (official podcast of The Charlotte Geeks) and is a voracious reader and lover of geekery. She helped launch and run The Carolina Renaissance Festival for over 14 years (and the sister festival in Arizona) and was also the programming director for ConCarolinas for 14 years.


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Wanda – Maven of Muggles Market/Registration Diva

13230236_10157003944685341_437936586936453941_nThe wonderful Wanda keeps Joey as organized as possible – coordinating both registration and the artisans for the Muggles Market.  Wanda’s geekdoms include gaming, fantasy books and movies, folk music, anime, Harry Potter, Firefly, Renn Faire and more.


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Mikki – Social Media Intern

Mikki has participated with groups including the Southern Belle Ghostbusters, Pineapple-Shaped Lamps, the 105th Squad and FanDames Initiative. Mikki is a strong advocate for promoting community amongst fellow geek women. During her travels as a professional traveling art model, she helps conventions wherever she can as a panelist or volunteer and cosplays for personal enjoyment in her spare time.  We are so excited to have her helping out our team while juggling a full course load as a graduating senior at UNC-Charlotte.


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Mel – Grammar Guru

Mel is a member of the Royal Grammar Police, whose role is to protect and defend our website and social media against rampaging commas, spelling mishaps, and semantically awkward phrasing.  Mel’s geekery best portrays itself in her obsession with books and her love of linguistics, but her other fandoms include Supernatural (and all things spooky), Star Wars, Marvel (especially Iron Man), and of course…Harry Potter (Go Ravenclaw!).



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