5 Questions with Christopher Golden

GoldenChristopher Golden is an author whose work not only covers a couple of decades, but several genres as well, including graphic novels, horror, TV tie-in novels, and video game scripts to name a few. He is the proud recipient of a Bram Stoker Award, and has been nominated for many others. Mr. Golden took time out of his busy schedule of promoting his latest book Tin Men to answer five questions for us.

1.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You have been writing for 20 years now, in various formats including novelizations of TV shows, comic books, graphic novels, and horror & sci-fi novels to name a few. How has the thrill of being a successful published author changed over the years? What are the book tours like now?

Two very different questions, but there’s one answer that connects them.  Creative professionals—writers, artists, actors, musicians, directors—need to remember that while what we do for a living may feel special, we are not special because of what we do.  We’re fortunate.  That’s very different.  Unfortunately, for many creative professionals, it’s a message that never sinks in.  I’ve been a full time writer for 23 years and have been—as they used to say—around the block a time or two.  Do I still get the same thrill when I hold a new book in my hand for the first time?  Of course not.  I’m focused on the work, and my professional and personal obligations.  But I do still get *A* thrill, and I recognize how lucky I am to work in a field where I get to feel that way at all.  As for book tours…in more than twenty years as a published novelist, I’ve had a publisher send me on something resembling a “book tour” exactly once.  (Well, twice, if we’re counting foreign publishers.)  But I’ve done my fair share of conventions and signings in faraway places, and it’s always an incredible pleasure to encounter people who know you through your work.

2. What is your ideal writing environment?

Enough sleep.  Enough tea.  The right music.  And enough time.  If someone wants to buy me a house overlooking the ocean, that’d be perfect.

3. When ideas for stories come to you, like Tin Men, how do you go about getting all your thoughts organized? Is it a mad dash before you lose it or a slow and steady process?

It’s usually a frantic rush to scribble down some basic notes, which sort of just sit there for weeks or months during which I’ll tell a few people the idea—like the one I had a couple of days ago, which I told my friend Jim Moore and my agent, and nobody else as of yet.  Sometime soon-ish I’ll write an outline for it and probably the first couple of chapters and then we’ll see where it goes.

4. What is your goto meal for when your deep into a writing session and really don’t want to stop?

Ham and provolone slapped on some bread.  If I’m ambitious I’ll microwave the contents of the sandwich before putting it on the bread.

5. BaltimoreThis year’s theme for The Charlotte Geeks annual Geek Gala is Monster Mash so a monster question it is. Of all the various monster slayers you have written, who is truly the best monster slayer of them all and why?

Baltimore.  He’s absolutely the most relentless.  Read the comics.

I have to agree with the Mr. Golden’s answer. I loved the original graphic novel and will admit the I fan-girled at Dragon Con, and both he and Mike Mignola signed my original hardback copy.

ringersThank you Christopher Golden for spending some time sharing with us your author’s life. Be sure to check out his website and Facebook page. And after you read Tin Men, be sure to check out Dead Ringers which comes out November 3. If you need a Golden fix before then, below is the trailer for Cemetery Girl that is coauthored with Charlaine Harris.

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